Foreman, Laura

Cleopatra´s palace - in search of a legend

Discovery books, 1999. Upag. Illustrated with photos in colours. Bound + orig. dustjacket.

Laure Foreman: Cleopatra´s palace – in search of a legend. Very fine copy- as new. a dramatic look at Cleopatra’s world based on ancient accounts and modern scholarship. Laura Foreman brings Cleopatra’s legendary tale to life, from the founding of Alexandria by Alexander the Great, to Cleopatra’s ascent to the Egyptian throne amid treachery and betrayal, to her passionate alliances with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony and her doomed battle against Octavian. But the legend doesn’t end there. “Cleopatra’s Palace” also presents the astounding recent findings of world-renowned underwater explorer Franck Goddio, who, with his team of underwater archaeologists, has succeeded in mapping the Royal Quarter of Ancient Alexandria, long submerged beneath the Mediterranean by cataclysmic earthquakes early in the millennium. In a narrative illustrated by exclusive underwater images, the expedition’s successes are presented, including the discovery of such artifacts as jewelry, statues, sphinxes, rare pottery, and an ancient shipwreck, as well as architectural remains that were found on the site of this magnificent drama.

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