Faaborg museum and the artists colony

Aarhus university press, 2019. 266 pp. Illustrated in colours. Bound with black linen spine.

Faaborg museum and the Artists´colony. New book. Contents: Gry Hedin: Faaborg by heart ; . Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen: A world within a world / Gry Hedin and Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen. . Flemming Brandrup: Two men and a museum ; . Anders V. Munch: The Faaborg chair ; . Peter Thule Kristensen: Fragmented monumentality. Behind rolling hills, overlooking the fjord and the islands of Southern Funen, you will find Faaborg Museum. With its boldly coloured walls and decorative tile floors made from local clay, the building has quite literally sprung from Funen soil in a symbiosis of local nature and culture. Inside, visitors will find art by the ‘Funen Painters’, created during the period 1880 to 1928 when Faaborg was home to one of Denmark’s pre-eminent artists’ colonies. With their paintings of rural Funen, farmworkers and domestic scenes, the artists Peter Hansen, Fritz and Anna Syberg, Jens Birkholm and Johannes Larsen introduced new subject matter and new methods of painting in Danish art.

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