Norén, Lars – Westling, Barbo

Lars Norén - dramatikern

Lund, Bökforlaget Arena, 2014. 197 pages + b/w illustrations. Bound

Lars Norén – dramatikern. In Swedish. Noréns role as a contemporary playwright is investigated and illuminated through studies of archival material, drafts, reviews and interviews. Norén became immensely important to Swedish theatre, and the role of the theatre as institution in shaping the view of Noréns plays is of equal importance. This dialectical movement had an impact on Norén as a dramatist as well as on the Swedish acting tradition; Norén reclaimed and renewed a mimetic tradition that had been absent during the 1970s. Noréns exceptionally extensive body of work, both in terms of the number of plays and in terms of his often lengthy first drafts, problematizes the view of playwrighting and, more importantly, invites theatres to function in dialogue and as co-creators. A nice copy. Tekst på svensk

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