Gelfer-Jørgensen, Miriam m.fl.

Scandinavian journal of design history vol. 8

Rhodos, 1998. 147 pp. Illustrated in b/w and colors. Softbinding.

Scandinavian Journal of design history. Vol. 8. Text in english. Contents: Design-business interaction – an anthropological excursion into two professional cultures. Present-day swedish furniture manufacturing and design. The Scandinavian ideal – a model for design in Ireland. Innovations-fusions-provocations – Verner Panton´s seating 19551970. Norwegian wood? Scandinavian design in britain 1950-65. A norwegian toilet and jewellery set of regal dimensions. History in glass. The Hoen Goblet. The role of a decorative arts museum – Mirror of socity or independent oasis. Helena Dahlbäck. Lutteman in memoriam. Very fine copy.

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