The Man Who Can’t Die

The Man Who Can’t Die

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Forfatter: Frankel, Jon

The Man Who Can't Die. A literary sci fi novel set in the squalid New York of 2180, in a Manhattan cut with sewage-filled canals and walled in by levees. The world has been suffering from epidemic despair and apathy, so when Dr. Ruth Bryson invents Paragane, a Euphoric drug that cures ennui and depression, Monozone Inc, the monopolistic pharmaceutical who employs her, is thrilled. There is only one problem: the drug kills 10% of everyone who takes it. Monozone decides to market it anyway, despite Bryson’s objections, and puts her former lover Owen Bradlee in charge. Bryson knows she must either fix Paregane or stop it, but if she is caught she will certainly be killed. Meanwhile, Felix and Veronica Clay are typical pod-dwelling office workers, whose lives seem like an endless extenuation of meaningless circumstance. When Veronica plunges into psychosis and tries to kill herself, her doctor prescribes the new drug Paregane, and everything changes. Soon Felix is also taking the drug, and they spend their nights under its influence, roaming Paradise and conversing with Angels. One day Felix returns from work to discover her dead, of no apparent cause. In short order, he loses his job and apartment and soon finds himself living in the wilds of upper Manhattan, addicted to Paregane, unable to find Veronica in Paradise, unable to die. Meanwhile, Dr. Bryson searches for a test subject. When she discovers Felix, they are set on a course that will lead them deep into the Iroquois territories of upstate New York and a bloody struggle for survival. Signed copy. In good condition.



Læderstræde 9, kld., 1210 København K

Whiskey Tit, 2016. 604 pp. Softbinding.

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