Zwey Bücher: Das erste von der ohne und durch die Arithmetica gefundenen Perspectiva, das andere von

Nürnberg, Simon Halbmyern, 1623. Engraved titlepage + 2 p. (Dedicationschrifft) + pp.1-75 + engraved plates (A,C, E, F (missing B&D) + engraved plate 1-5 (missing no.6)) + engraved titlepage + 2 pp. + pp. 77-99 + engraved plates (G, H, I complete). Bound in the orig.full vellum. Vellum in the origi

A very scarce book in this first edition and original binding. Pages fine and clean, though all a little torn along edges (only first titlepage has a little loss, due to the torn paper. Plates well-preserved with only minor brownspotting. First titlepage loose, plate A, C, E & 5 loose. Others still

16.000,00 DKK


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